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About Us

“Results beyond your expectations” for your logistics services! From 2010 to the present, to the future… “beklentilerinizin ötesinde sonuçlar”! As SINCER LOGISTICS, we have become a reliable company that keeps the pulse of the sector, works with its expert staff, constantly updates its infrastructure with new technologies, uses well-equipped equipment, has strong connections, and above all, cares about the earnings of its customers, makes value-added plans. For this reason, we do not compromise on our values by offering privileged, advantageous and tailor-made services.

In addition to our aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers, we also aimed to contribute to the development of the logistics industry in our country and in the world. We have developed in line with our purpose and achieved greater success every year. Our development has enabled us to offer advantageous offers to our customers. We also stand by our customers with services such as warehousing and customs. When we complete the services of our customers, we are proud of the thanks from them. Another issue that we are proud of is that our plans work exactly as we wish, due to the attention we give to details. Predictable alternatives beyond unpredictable problems are included in our planning.

We enable our customers to focus on their main activities by providing services with a fast, economical and innovative approach.
We act with the principle of mutual respect and courtesy in our internal and external relations. In all our relationships with our employees, customers and business partners, we adopt an attitude worthy of human dignity, based on our ethical values.
We conduct our relations with our employees, customers and business partners according to the principles of transparency, mutual trust and honesty.

Our employees show maximum effort and attention to fulfill their promises to their customers.
Within the framework of our company policy; in our recruitment processes and business relations; Equal opportunities are provided to all, regardless of race, belief, political opinion, ethnic origin, personal opinion, gender, life choice, marital status, age, disability and pregnancy status.

Care is taken to protect a working environment where individuals' abilities and experiences are valued and they can freely express their ideas and opinions.
Our company provides a healthy and safe working environment to its employees based on Occupational Health and Safety Systems in all processes.

Our company makes all kinds of wages and payments required by the Labor Law to its employees. In addition, it offers its employees positive values that are deemed appropriate in proportion to their labor and performance.
All of our employees in our company know that the information they obtain while performing their duties must be kept confidential, and they take all necessary measures to ensure that they are securely stored and destroyed.

Printed, recorded documents, e-mails, passwords and codes, contracts, sales and purchase offers of the company cannot be taken out of the company or shared with third parties.

This information is only used for the purposes required by the job and duty in accordance with the laws and regulations and shared with the relevant authorized persons. The confidentiality of this information continues even after the employee leaves the job.

Our employees are regularly trained on the operation and rules of information privacy, and our technological infrastructure is kept up-to-date.
Private relations and unlawful acts are not allowed within our company, which would be contrary to the law and ethical principles.

It is forbidden to accept and offer offers such as debt, goods and gifts that will put the company under liability within our company. Our employees avoid actions and behaviors that may damage the reputation of our company.
Our company is sensitive to the environment and society and is aware of its responsibilities. All business processes comply with environmental laws and regulations. Care is taken to ensure active participation in non-governmental organizations and all kinds of services for the benefit of the public.
Innovations and technological developments in the sector are followed and regular trainings are given to our employees.

Based on the principle of continuous learning and development, the knowledge of our employees is kept up-to-date and the margin of error is minimized.
Customer Satisfaction
Our philosophy; To analyze the needs of our customers in the most accurate way, to offer boutique solutions that fully meet their expectations and to ensure their satisfaction at all times.

Until the shipments of our customers reach the delivery point safely, the logistics process is constantly monitored and possible problems are avoided and time and resource loss is prevented.
Sincer Logistics
Telephone: +90 850 800 76 27