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Uzbekistan Road Transport Services
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Uzbekistan Road Transport Services

 Uzbekistan With our Uzbekistan transportation services, we strictly adhere to the framework and rules of international and domestic road transportation. As Sincer Logistics, under the authority of our cargo transportation permit, we provide controlled services with our rented domestic and foreign plated trucks, delivering safe and hassle-free logistic services.

In addition to complete truck and partial shipments from Turkey to Uzbekistan, our establishment also serves in areas such as transportation of heavy cargo groups that are out of gauge due to their dimensions and weights, refrigerated truck transportation activities, and container transportation services.

Simultaneously, we consistently pursue port services in all commercial ports of our country, customs procedures, warehouse and bonded warehouse services, and agency operations in Uzbekistan through our collaborators. Our company, which also carries out the transportation of commercial and customs products under export or transit scope to Uzbekistan, also conducts import customs and agency activities in Uzbekistan using different routes.

Since its inception in 2011, our company continues to conduct Uzbekistan transport operations regularly, with experienced drivers and a successful operations team, operating 24/7 and focusing on customer satisfaction. For products planned to be shipped from Uzbekistan to our country within the scope of imports, our company usually carries out transportation via Iran and Turkmenistan routes.

In all transportation operations, Sincer Logistics, which has won the appreciation and admiration of its customers, continues to maintain its approach to providing quality service with reasonable transportation freight rates.


Uzbekistan is a Turkish Republic member of the Commonwealth of Independent States and has a long-standing commercial and friendly association with our country. Trade relations between the two countries have significantly increased in recent years.

Hundreds of types of products shipped from Turkey to Uzbekistan are generally transported by road by Sincer Logistics. Sincer Logistics, providing logistics support to Uzbekistan, keeps in close communication with its regular customers, export companies, revising their shipping offers based on current information. In logistics activities between the two countries, products should generally be commercial and custom covered.

Sincer Logistics, generally uses standard tarpaulin trucks known as 1360 trailers for transports from Turkey to Uzbekistan, but can resort to different transport vehicles for special load situations.


There are many methods in international transportation. Road transportation is the most commonly used method, and Sincer Logistics actively uses this method on the Turkey-Uzbekistan line. Besides complete truck transportation, it is also effective in transporting partial load groups. Sincer Logistics has successfully carried out partial shipping services on the Uzbekistan line for many years. Partial products collected from their warehouses in Istanbul are shipped for delivery to cities in Uzbekistan.


In shipments to Uzbekistan, Sincer Logistics usually prefers the route via Iran and Turkmenistan. However, for some special loads, alternative routes through Georgia and Azerbaijan can also be used.

The routes used by Sincer Logistics are determined taking into account some countries' transport tonnage limits. Each of these routes has its advantages and disadvantages, and Sincer Logistics is careful to choose the most suitable route for each transport.


As Sincer Logistics, we touched upon many details we consider in international road truck transportation in the previous section. The importance we place on quality, ensuring that the products reach their destination healthily and on time, the efficiency of transportation vehicles, tonnage limits, and the routes used, as well as the transit time, are critical parts of our services. Transit time is crucial for our customers in overseas shipments. Especially for some products to be shipped without the risk of spoilage or deformation, these time limits become even more critical. This sensitivity increases even more for products with limited consumption time, such as foodstuffs. In transportation to Uzbekistan, our vehicles transporting standard dry cargo complete delivery in an average of 10-12 days, assuming no hitches at borders or on the road.

However, for products with a consumption time and are more sensitive, this process can vary between 8-10 days. As Sincer Logistics, we work to manage these processes most efficiently and respond quickly to our customers' needs.


With years of experience and a customer-centric service approach, Sincer Logistics offers the most suitable and effective solutions in international transportation. Known for its success on the Uzbekistan line, our company offers professional solutions to all your transportation needs.

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