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Storage Services

 Storage Services As Sincer Logistics, in parallel with our aim to provide comprehensive service to our customers, we
also offer Warehousing Services as well as Road, Air, Sea and Rail transportation. We are at your side
whenever you need storage service so that you can carry out your domestic or international
transportation services without any problems.

Warehouse management, which is one of the most important links of logistics processes; It brings
many advantages such as reducing the logistics cost and therefore the product cost. In order to
enable our customers from different sectors to save both time and costs, we continue our Storage
Services with expert staff, advanced technology, knowledge and comprehensive infrastructure.
Considering the changes in needs over time, we also perform storage management specific to the
changing situation.

As Sincer Logistics, we provide both advantageous and safe services with our expert team and the
right methods in Palletizing, Packaging and Handling, as in every other field.

Our Logistics storage center in Ataşehir provides great transportation advantage as it is very close to
the Ring Road and Highway connection point.
Sincer Logistics
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