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Turkmenistan Road Transport Services
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Turkmenistan Road Transport Services

 Turkmenistan At Sincer Logistics, we have been prominent in Turkmenistan transportation services since 2011, continuing our presence in the industry. In line with the development of technology, we consistently update our knowledge. Within the framework of Turkey-Turkmenistan commercial relations, we transport all our vehicles with CMR insurance in our transportation operations conducted with our road freight authorization certificate.

In this way, all the cargo we transport is insured and delivered safely. Sincer Logistics adopts high-quality standards in international road transportation and operates in Turkmenistan transportation with our extensive vehicle supply network and experienced operational team. We offer regular partial transportation services from our warehouse on the Anatolian side every week. We transport loads of all sizes and weights from our warehouse on the Anatolian side of Istanbul to all cities of Turkmenistan, especially the capital Ashgabat, with customs delivery. We are by your side for all your transportation needs with the Sincer Logistics guarantee.


At Sincer Logistics, we are active in the dynamic rhythm of the logistics sector with our export and import-oriented operations. Thanks to our country's successful steps in opening up to the world, there has been significant growth and quality improvement in the logistics sector. In parallel with these successes, we observe a significant increase in the demands we receive from abroad.

Recently, we have expanded our portfolio of exporting countries, strengthening our trade ties with many countries in Europe and Asia. We have intensified our commercial relations with Turkmenistan, which has seen a continuous increase in trade volume on an annual basis. As the Sincer Logistics team, we undertake critical tasks in shipments to Turkmenistan, where we export a large portion of our manufactured products.

In our logistic operations between Turkey and Turkmenistan, we actively use the road. Since the majority of shipped products fall under standard cargo, our most preferred vehicles are standard tarpaulin trucks. However, the export of out-of-gauge heavy transport and cold chain products to Turkmenistan indicates that our lowbed and refrigerated trailer trucks are also critical on this route. At Sincer Logistics, we commit to offering the most effective and fast solutions for all your cargo.


At Sincer Logistics, we carry out our logistic operations to Turkmenistan using various methods. The most prominent method in our cargo transportation organizations between Turkey and Turkmenistan is full truck transportation. However, another service that is almost equivalent to this method is partial transportation. Especially for loads that cannot fill a whole truck or cannot be included in the cargo load, partial transportation is preferred by many of our customers.

The popularity of partial transportation has led logistics companies serving Turkmenistan, like Sincer Logistics, to this field. We have regular partial departures from our warehouse in Istanbul Ataşehir every week. Partial shipments to Turkmenistan, like other destinations, are carried out from our partial loading warehouses in Istanbul. Cargo or partial loads collected from all over Turkey and planned to be shipped to Turkmenistan are transported to our warehouses in Istanbul, loaded onto our vehicles after the necessary organization, and shipments are started after completing export transactions in Istanbul customs.

Partial shipments made by Sincer Logistics to Turkmenistan, unlike full truck transports, are usually not delivered to city addresses but to customs points. In partial shipments, pricing is calculated based on the size and weight of the cargo. Freight calculations are determined based on the dimensions and weight of the cargo, and our partial transportation prices generally remain stable, but there may be changes in some exceptional situations. Partial loads sent from Turkey are usually shipped to the customs points of the capital Ashgabat of Turkmenistan and delivered from there.


 At Sincer Logistics, with years of experience in Turkmenistan transportation, we serve on many routes. In transportation, in addition to preferring the most effective and economical ways, we aim to provide maximum benefit to our customers by selecting the most suitable route according to the characteristics of the loads.

In our transports between Turkey and Turkmenistan, we usually prefer the route moving through Iran. This route stands out as it allows the cargo to reach its destination point in a short time and is economical in terms of cost. Especially for loads with no legal problems in transit passage through Iran, this route is ideal. However, for some specific cargo groups that do not have a passage permit through Iran, we use another route that goes through Georgia and Azerbaijan as an alternative.

Although this route takes a bit longer in terms of time, it becomes mandatory for transporting some loads. In this method, our loads are transported with a combination of road and ro-ro transportation. After reaching the Turkmenbashi port of Turkmenistan with ro-ro ships departing from the city of Baku in Azerbaijan, the loads are transported to the target cities by road.

At Sincer Logistics, we commit to offering the most suitable and fastest solution for all your cargo. With our long-standing experience, we guarantee that your loads will arrive safely and on time.


At Sincer Logistics, we have been serving for many years in transporting goods from production to consumption. Each load has its own urgency and importance, which is why we offer services using various transportation methods. The geographical location of the country where the shipment will take place directly affects the chosen method of transportation. For countries in the nearby geography, loads without urgency are transported with standard trucks, while perishable products are transported with refrigerated trailers.

Turkmenistan is considered a medium-distance destination for Turkey. Within the services offered by Sincer Logistics, the average arrival time for shipments to Turkmenistan using standard transportation vehicles ranges between 8-10 days. However, in cases where this duration needs to be shorter, our team offers services with backup driver organization, reducing the delivery time to 4-5 days.

At Sincer Logistics, the route used for transportation from Turkey to Turkmenistan directly affects the transportation time. Shipments made through the Iran route have a transit arrival time of 8-10 days. However, transportation through Georgia and Azerbaijan; considering additional border gates, long distances, and mandatory waiting times, the arrival time can vary between 12-14 days.
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