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Russia Road Transport Services
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Russia Road Transport Services

 Russia At Sincer Logistics, we are recognized for our high-demand transportation services from Turkey to Russia. The geographical and climatic characteristics of Russia create a substantial demand, particularly for agricultural product imports. Turkey emerges as a crucial partner in fulfilling this demand, with Sincer Logistics playing a pivotal role in the transport of vegetables, fruits, and other food items to Russia.

Our transportation services to Russia encompass a variety of options, including full truckload, partial load, oversized heavy transport, refrigerated truck transport, and container shipping. Our team, comprising experienced and specialized personnel, provides these services seamlessly and reliably.

Sincer Logistics is a vital component of the trade relations between Turkey and Russia. Our trade ties with Russia, characterized by robust export activity, consistently generate transportation demand for our company. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we adeptly manage both import and export transportations to and from Russia.

In our shipping operations to Russia, we often transit through Georgia, utilizing the Vladikavkaz border gate. We transport all cargo types up to a weight limit of 22 tons, ensuring customs clearance and insurance.

Our extensive network enables us to offer a variety of vehicles tailored to your cargo needs. We are experts in heavy transport, cold chain logistics, open cargo transportation, and oversized heavy transport. Sincer Logistics is your dependable and experienced partner in transportation services to Russia.

Russia Partial Transportation Services

Sincer Logistics is a specialist in partial transportation services by road, particularly on the Turkey-Russia line, within the international transportation sector. While road transportation often involves full truckload shipments, partial transportation is emerging as a highly sought-after method.

We conduct our regular partial shipments weekly from our logistics warehouses in Istanbul. We handle the transportation of all types of customs-cleared partial and cargo load groups, irrespective of their size and weight. Deliveries in Russia are made to customs points.

To meet the growing demand for partial transportation, we offer Russia partial transportation services through our expansive supply chain and collaboration network. Istanbul plays a central role in our partial transportation operations. Partial loads from other cities are consolidated at our warehouses in Istanbul and shipped out on designated days of the week, with export procedures completed at Istanbul customs. We employ alternative routes through Georgia and Ukraine for partial shipments, typically delivering to customs points in Moscow.

Sincer Logistics arranges services to every region of Russia, utilizing high-model, fully insured transport vehicles. Equipped with vehicles registered in Turkey, Russia, and Georgia, we can organize adequate vehicles for any requested service.
In our partial shipments to Russia, we transport all loads up to a weight limit of 22 tons. By using the shortest route through Georgia, we ensure timely and trouble-free deliveries. We are also actively involved in import transportation services from Russia to Turkey, conducting customs clearance both on the vehicles and at the destination points.

Routes Used in Russia Transportation

Sincer Logistics employs various routes for our transportation services to Russia. The selection of these routes depends on the nature of the cargo and geographical conditions.

Georgia Route: The most commonly used road for transportation to Russia is through Georgia. This route is preferred due to its geographical advantages and the ease it brings to logistics processes. The objective is to ensure safe and swift delivery of cargoes to their destinations using the Georgia route.

Ukraine Route: Less frequently used than the Georgia route, but more so than the European route, the Ukraine route, especially bolstered by roll-on/roll-off transportation, is an alternative. Ro-ro ships departing from our ports in Istanbul, Sakarya, and Zonguldak land at the port of Odessa, from where transportation vehicles proceed to their destinations in Russia.

Europe Route: This route is less commonly used than the others and is generally considered more challenging. It involves passing entirely through European countries and can be more demanding in terms of cost and delivery time. Hence, the Europe route is often chosen out of necessity when passage through Georgia and Ukraine is not viable.

At Sincer Logistics, we aim to ensure the fast, safe, and cost-effective transportation of cargoes by selecting the most appropriate route based on our customers' needs. We efficiently manage our transportation processes, considering the unique characteristics and benefits of each route.

Arrival Times Between Turkey and Russia

At Sincer Logistics, we recognize the importance of arrival time in international transportation between Turkey and Russia, especially for products like food items with short shelf lives. It is crucial to deliver perishable items like fresh vegetables and fruits in a fresh and undamaged state.

For transporting food products from Turkey to Russia, we use refrigerated trailer trucks that, compared to standard dry cargo vehicles, are given priority at border crossings. This allows food products destined for Moscow in Russia to be delivered in approximately 5 days.

Our dry cargo vehicles, on the other hand, undergo standard procedures at border crossings, which means an additional two days. Departures from Turkey generally occur via the Sarp border

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