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Kazakhstan Road Transport Services
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Kazakhstan Road Transport Services

 Kazakhstan As Sincer Logistics, we are a prominent company providing cargo transportation services from all cities in Turkey to Kazakhstan. Our main headquarters are located in Mersin, with a liaison office in Istanbul to serve you. We play an active role in the export and import cargo transportation between Turkey and Kazakhstan. We seamlessly transport products produced in different regions of Turkey to key cities in Kazakhstan such as Almaty, Astana, and Shymkent. We also offer efficient solutions for transit cargo transportation from European countries to Kazakhstan, using Turkish ports and warehouses extensively.

At Sincer Logistics, we prefer both Turkish and Kazakh-plated trucks for our transportations. To deliver our cargoes to their destination as quickly as possible, we often opt for transportation via Russia. In all our transportations, we adhere to the maximum tonnage limits set by the Kazakh government, which is 22 tons.

In addition to covered truck transportation, we provide services for oversize cargo using lowbed semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers for cold chain requirements, and flatbed semi-trailers for container transportation. Moreover, with our regular partial and cargo transportation services from our warehouses in Istanbul, we offer a wide range of services to our customers.

Thanks to our strong partnerships with logistics companies in Kazakhstan, we can provide efficient trucking solutions even for large orders. At Sincer Logistics, we are committed to offering the most suitable solutions for your logistics needs.


Kazakhstan stands out as the largest country in terms of land area among the Turkic Republics. As Sincer Logistics, we maintain a robust road transport connection with this strategic country. In collaboration with both Turkish and Kazakh transport companies, we ensure uninterrupted transportation services to Kazakhstan.

In road transportation, we use the most efficient and rapid transportation methods for the cargo we carry between Turkey and Kazakhstan. We pay great attention to the weight of the cargo, especially in shipments to Kazakhstan. We are aware that the weight of the cargo transported to Kazakhstan should not exceed 22 tons, as exceeding this limit can result in penalties such as fines. Therefore, we carefully adhere to this tonnage limit in all our transportation processes. For cargo groups that exceed the standard truck capacity, we offer special solutions, transporting oversize heavy cargo using lowbed trailers. We obtain the necessary permits and provide our customers with safe and fast transportation services.


Partial transportation is a method used to meet our customers' cost-effectiveness and fast delivery needs. At Sincer Logistics, we make every effort to offer competitive transportation price quotes that meet your partial transportation requests. While export products can be transported by foreign-plated trucks, cargoes with transit content, such as those passing through ports, free zones, and warehouses, are required to be transported by Turkish-plated trucks.

With our Istanbul Ataşehir depot, we take pride in providing reliable and fast logistic solutions for partial transportation to Kazakhstan, including customs delivery to various cities, including the capital, Astana.


The delivery time of cargo to its destination is of paramount importance in transportation agreements, which are an essential part of commercial activities. Especially for product groups such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and food products, factors such as shelf life, usage period, and urgency should be taken into account. Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey conducts trade in these products with many countries from Europe to Asia.

These types of products are transported using refrigerated semi-trailers that provide temperature control. These vehicles have higher speed limits and minimal waiting times at border crossings due to the sensitivity of the products they carry. When compared to standard dry cargo vehicles, which generally take 14-15 days to reach any city in Kazakhstan, refrigerated semi-trailers can deliver products 3-4 days earlier, typically in 10-11 days.

At Sincer Logistics, most of our transportation vehicles are of high models and driven by experienced drivers. This ensures that arrival times do not exceed the specified time frames, and transportation is carried out reliably. Additionally, all necessary documents such as the C2 authorization certificate, vehicle card, TIR carnet, and CMR are readily available to avoid any issues at border crossings. Our goal at Sincer Logistics is to facilitate our customers' business by providing fast and reliable transit arrival times.
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