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HR Policies
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HR Policies

As Sincer Logistics, we believe that we can carry our company to the future only with our qualified employees. Therefore, it is our principle to train qualified and qualified people on the basis of personal development planning. We know and believe that we can only achieve the goals we have set with our qualified manpower.

For this reason, it is the basis of our human resources understanding to establish a success-oriented and mutually supportive corporate culture in our company, to establish human resources systems, and to develop and maintain the existing peaceful and safe working environment as a result. Developing our human resources and company organization and transforming total quality management into a lifestyle in our companies are among our most important goals.

Our company has adopted a proactive and innovative perspective in the management of human resources, cooperating with all units of the company, and a fair working style based on success.

Within the company; Respect for people and equality are the basic values while carrying out human resources practices such as selection and placement, performance management, career planning, wage training, development and communication with employees.

The main purpose of the selection and placement system is to bring in people who are highly educated, well-educated, open to innovations and changes, energetic, dynamic, open to learning, have the potential to develop themselves and their business, can work in teams, and will adopt and protect Sincer logistics values. The basic principle here is to provide equal opportunity to people who have the qualifications required by the job without making any discrimination or privilege.

All of our employees who join us are trained through programs organized from the first day they start working. Developments of individuals are monitored by methods such as performance evaluation and career planning. Human resources management, which aims to increase efficiency in company activities and the quality of business life; It carries out selection and placement activities within the framework of the principle of “placing the right person in the right job” among qualified candidates who are in harmony with the corporate culture and values, who are experts in their fields, who are open to development and who have high potential, without discrimination based on race, religion, language and gender.
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