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Sustainable Development aims to meet the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. The recent developments in our world demonstrate that awareness should be raised regarding the harm that we have done to humanity and the nature. As Sincer Logistics, we are aware of the fact that we are going through transformation with the climate change and with the changes in the economic and social priorities accordingly.
We live in an era of great transformation. The balance of our planet, which we use beyond its borders, is continuously changing. Unlike all known natural patterns in the last hundred years, the acceleration in the climate change and the deterioration of ecological balance have taken place due to human activities. To overcome these negative situations, it has become inevitable to experience a radical transformation in the social, environmental and economic fields, which constitute the three pillars of sustainability, and to develop business ways suitable for this transformation.
For a sustainable future, it is obvious that a more equitable, fair, diverse and inclusive structure should be created. We value the idea, particularly of the United Nations, for a more livable common future with global collective intelligence and solidarity and without leaving anyone behind.
It is important that everyone actively participates in the struggle for a more livable world. We believe that we can overcome all types of problems by generating scientific-based solutions.
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