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How We Do It

Air, Land, and Sea Transportation: Forwarders facilitate the transportation of your goods by air, land, or sea. They determine the most suitable routes, timings, and costs for each mode.

Multimodal and Intermodal Transportation: By combining multiple modes of transport, they find the most efficient and economical route for your goods from the point of origin to the destination.

Freight Rates and Bookings: Forwarders negotiate the most favorable freight rates for all modes of transport and arrange the necessary cargo space.

Cargo Insurance and Risk Management: They arrange cargo insurance for all modes of transportation and manage potential risks.

Comprehensive Logistics Services: With services such as inland transportation, temporary storage, cargo consolidation, and labor arrangements, they provide support at every stage of the transportation process.

Documentation and Customs Procedures: The preparation and processing of all necessary documents for air, land, sea, and multimodal transportation, and the smooth handling of customs procedures, are the responsibilities of forwarders.

Government and Institutional Relations: Especially when transporting restricted or special types of goods, they establish an effective communication network with relevant government agencies and organizations.

Global Compliance and Current Information: Having up-to-date knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations of different countries and keeping this information continuously updated is key to the success of forwarders.

This wide range of services provides significant advantages when working in a global trade center like Istanbul for a company like Sincer Logistics. Each mode of transportation has its own unique dynamics and challenges, and as a freight forwarder, expertly managing these processes ensures you provide valuable service to your customers.
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